A Senior Living Community in Woodstown NJ

A Senior Living Community in Woodstown NJ

Woodstown, New Jersey
Ph: (856) 769-1500

Rehabilitation Services

Has your doctor recommended joint replacement surgery?
Do you have a parent who needs therapy services after being
in the hospital? 
Choose Friends Village.
Our rehab services are not limited to residents on our campus. Older adults in the South Jersey area may utilize our Rehabilitation Services. Our goal is to help patients get back on their feet in as short a time as possible so they can return to their homes.

The team of therapists at Friends Village works with patients and their physicians to plan and provide customized rehabilitation services that include physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech-language treatment programs. Therapists work with patients individually utilizing a wide variety of techniques and equipment.

Physical Therapy Services include:

  • Individualized Therapeutic Exercise
  • Strength Training
  • Balance Training
  • Chronic & Acute Pain Management
  • Massage and thermal agents
  • and more based on the needs of the patient

Rehab Success Stories
If you're planning to have joint replacement surgery, do your rehab with us!
Read about this successful recuperation.

This family was able to have their Mom home for Christmas.
Read about their experience.

Click here to read another positive experience with Friends Village rehabilitation services.

Would you like to schedule a tour or receive more information?
Click here and send your request.

Occupational Therapy helps patients regain self-reliance that may have been lost due to illness or injury. The goal is to have individuals achieve their maximum potential so they may be as independent as possible. Therapists develop care plans that address needs associated with Self Care, Upper Extremity Dysfunction, Wheelchair Safety and Use, and Equipment Modification.

Speech and Language evaluation and therapy is provided to improve communication disorders following a stroke or brain injury. The therapy team at Friends Village provides a variety of specific treatment programs for patients with speech, language and swallowing disorders.

Treatment for Swallowing Disorders begins with a thorough evaluation to identify the type and severity of the problem. Treatment may include diet modification strategies to reduce the potential for choking, as well as patient and family education.

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