At-Home Personal Care Benefits

At-Home Personal Care Benefits

Individuals can benefit from at-home personal care benefits as they recover from illnesses, injuries or surgeries, or when they prefer to remain in their own home through the aging process. Friends at Home, a service provided by the healthcare professionals and aides at Friends Village at Woodstown, partners with residents in and around Salem County, New Jersey, to provide care inside personal residences. All our services are based on our Quaker values, including the importance of community, presence, gentle bravery and integrity.

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Benefits Of In-Home Personal Care

When you or a loved one is facing a significant medical or personal need, you have many options to consider, including rehabilitation centers, nursing homes and assisted living communities. One of the key benefits of in-home personal care is remaining in the setting of your choosing rather than relocating to a facility to access care you need. When you remain in your own home or the home of a loved one, you can:

  • Schedule your day as best fits your preferences and needs
  • Enjoy visitors whenever you would like to
  • Travel from your home to other locations of your choosing with assistance
  • Decide on daily meals, routines and activities — and change your mind whenever you want

In-Home Personal Care Services Offered

The in-home aides from Friends at Home can help you throughout your day and around your entire house. Some of the services they routinely perform include:

  • Assisting with activities of daily living, including bathing, grooming and dressing
  • Cooking meals in your own kitchen using the recipes of your choice
  • Providing companionship when you most need or want it
  • Keeping up with housekeeping or laundry when you’re not able
  • Taking you to appointments or for errands as your schedule dictates
  • Helping you schedule and manage daily activities, therapies and appointments

Partner With Friends At Home For In-Home Personal Care

Contact Friends at Home today at 856-769-4000 to learn more about the services we can offer. You can also contact us online or visit Friends Village at Woodstown to meet with at-home care professionals about how we can best benefit your family and the financial considerations related to our services.