Farm To Table

Friends Village is always striving to provide the best amenities to our residents.  And as everybody knows, life is just better with great food!

Located in Salem County NJ, Friends Village is surrounded by the best Jersey grown produce in the state. We have developed a program to provide our residents the best quality produce at its freshest moment.  Partnering with two local farms, Sorbello Farms CSA and Culver Farms, we can now provide fresh picked produce that is delivered right to our campus.  The best part of this program is that with the technology the two farms utilize, they can provide us fresh Jersey produce year round. In the summer months the farms provide produce the traditional way, right out of the dirt on the farm. During the winter months, they grow produce hydroponically, which means we can get fresh tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, etc in the cold winter months!

For more information on Culver Farms, call 856-503-6596 visit their Facebook page or

For more information on Sorbello Farms CSA, visit them at