Life Enrichment

Assisted Living Life Enrichment in South Jersey & Newcastle County, Delaware

Assisted living life enrichment is so much more than sifting through a pile of puzzles or an afternoon of arts and crafts — although both activities are available at Friends Village at Woodstown. Our residents have access to enrichment opportunities that encompass a wide range of interests. Revisit an old hobby or discover a new one. Whether you’re looking to expand your horizons or just get a little more out of your day, there’s something on tap you’re sure to love.

The Importance Of Assisted Living Life Enrichment

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle often requires an ongoing commitment to diet and exercise, but it’s also crucial to find ways to stay stimulated and engaged. Top-tier assisted living communities, such as Friends Village at Woodstown, look after the well-being of residents by providing activities that cater to mental, emotional, and physical health while also considering various interests and ability levels. Friday night dances may spur mood-boosting social interaction, while signing up for indoor aerobics may help chase away the gloom on rainy days.

Some researchers believe that recreational activities give residents a sense of purpose, increasing their independence as well as their confidence and feelings of self-worth. Even residents with diminished cognitive function can benefit from incorporate leisure activities into their daily routines — in fact, they may benefit most of all.

Music & Memory

Music & Memory Certification - Friends Village at Woodstown

Science has found a strong link between music and memory. Playing residents their favorite music can help with cognitive and physical struggles, giving dementia sufferers a way to ground themselves in something familiar while encouraging conversation, socialization, and overall enjoyment for all participants. The Friends Village community is certified by Music & Memory, a wonderful program that offers personalized playlists tailored to each person’s particular tastes. Trained professionals create the playlists then deliver them to iPods and other similar gadgets, so residents can listen in their rooms or on the go.

Thanks to the creativity of our staff and input from residents interested in launching their own projects, our roster of activities is also changing. While living on our campus, you may be able to enjoy:

  • Acting, singing, or finding other ways to perform
  • Learning via continuing education programs
  • Art classes
  • Gardening (there is a shared space right on the Friends Village grounds)
  • Bridge
  • Library assistance
  • A moviethon
  • Field trips
  • Worship or prayer groups
  • Yoga and other sports
  • Woodworking
  • Bocce

Friends Village also provides residents with opportunities for outside field trips. From museums to theaters and special events, these excursions are fun and exciting ways to get out and experience some of the best parts of South Jersey. 

Life At Friends Village at Woodstown

a group of seniors playing cards at a table

For more than a century, Friends Village has provided comprehensive senior care founded in Quaker beliefs and traditions. Our goal is to give residents the independence they crave with the security and assistance they need to thrive. Every action is guided by the basic Quaker tenet that the spirit of God resides in each of us. Using that tenet as a springboard for how we treat employees, residents, and their families has helped us ensure that everyone in our extended Friends Village family gets the respect, love, and community support they deserve.

Join The Fun

Live at Friends Village and you’ll not only have access to a robust calendar of enrichment activities, you can also create your own fun. In the past, residents have started weekly card games, hosted a Wii bowling tournament, and put together bocce games. What could you encourage your new neighbors to do? To experience the warm, welcoming atmosphere of Friends Village at Woodstown in person, request a tour online or contact our staff at (856) 769-1500.