Life Enrichment

Life Enrichment

Life Enrichment

Residents at Friends Village will have multiple options when it comes to Life Enrichment.  Everybody has their own definition of Life Enrichment.  Some just want to relax with a book in our library.  Others might enjoy a lecture from the Philosophical Society. If you choose to be more adventurous, you can enjoy one of our many off campus trips. There’s a lot to choose from.

Residents of Friends Village also know how to create their own fun!  Things like starting a weekly card game, a Wii bowling tournament or even bocce.

Music & Memory

Music & Memory Certification - Friends Village at Woodstown

Friends Village is a certified Music & Memory community. What better way to reconnect with great memories than with the power of music. Our program provides residents the opportunity to listen to all different types of genres that are personalized to them.

You have a choice at Friends Village!

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