Therapy Services

Licensed, professional staff are available right in the Friends Village at Woodstown community to provide a range of rehab services. From physical and occupational therapy to speech therapy, the services offered in our rehabilitation center help you recover faster after surgery or injury so you can return to your regular routines. Whether you want to transition back into your place at the Friends Village community or return home following a medical intervention, our compassionate rehab staff can help.

Physical Therapy

Comprehensive physical therapy services are available in our rehab center. The PTs work with your physician to plan a mode of treatment that’s best suited for your needs. Options can include:
  • Individualized therapeutic exercise
  • Strength training
  • Balance training
  • Chronic and acute pain management
  • Massage and thermal agents
  • Other treatments based on your needs

Occupational & Speech Therapy

We also offer occupational and speech therapy. Occupational therapy helps you redevelop or learn skills for independent living. When dealing with a chronic illness, stroke, severe injury or other issue, these types of daily living skills can suffer. Our OTs work with you to:
  • Develop or relearn self-care skills
  • Address dysfunction of the upper extremities
  • Help you understand how to use (and practice using) functional aids such as wheelchairs, walkers, canes or other devices
  • Understand how equipment may need to be modified to best meet your needs

Speech and language therapy usually begins with an evaluation to determine whether your speech and communication capability has been impacted by injury or illness. Speech language pathologists then work with you to regain words and communication skills or improve symptoms of any communication disorder you may have.

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