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Making the Transition from Home to Retirement Community Successful

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Moving to a retirement community is a huge step in your loved one’s life, and for many families, the conversation can be a difficult one to have. That’s why Friends Village at Woodstown, which serves southern New Jersey and Newcastle County in Delaware, provides helpful advice that can eliminate any stress and make the move a positive experience. Here, we offer some pointers on ensuring a smooth, successful transition from living at home to joining a retirement community.


Have an Open Dialogue

Having an open discussion between you and your loved one is key when making this transition. Understanding their concerns and emotions around moving to a retirement community will promote easy-flowing communication, helping you to best address their worries and needs. Together, you can ensure that a move to a retirement home is necessary, and you can involve your loved one in every step of the process. Further, working as a team to take care of finances and moving logistics will take a tremendous burden off your entire family, and healthy communication is at the core of this.


Be Comfortable with Discussing Ups and Downs

As your loved one is moving to a retirement community, it’s completely normal to expect emotional setbacks – both from you and them. Transitioning from a long-established home is a major life change, even if you’re both on the same page about it. Don’t get discouraged if either of you experiences emotions of loss and grief – this is completely normal and often expected. Talking through these ups and down will ease your mind and help you both move forward.

When emotions run high, the support of other family members and friends is invaluable when it comes to moving a loved one to a retirement community. Regularly visiting your loved one in their new community is a wonderful way to make for a smooth transition and ease any negative feelings that may come up. Discuss how much they’d like to see you, what time works best, and other logistics. Since visitation is dependent on both of your schedules, we recommend having a regular visit set in place on a certain day each week or month. Maintaining your relationship is perhaps the most important step to a smooth crossover and positive experience when your loved one moves to a retirement home.


Choose the Best Living Arrangement

There are varying levels of assistance available when it comes to retirement communities, and choosing the right setup for your loved one is crucial for a smooth transition. At Friends Village at Woodstown, we offer both independent and assisted living. Our independent living program gives the option of living in a cottage, apartment home, or garden apartment, with each design featuring a spacious, comfortable layout. Meanwhile, assisted living offers a variety of thoughtful accommodations for your loved one that may need assistance, including:

· Medication management services

· Fine dining

· Around-the-clock care

· Wellness services like physical rehab and acupuncture

· Personal care

· And more.

To learn more about moving to our retirement community, contact Friends Village at Woodstown today.

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