Memory Support

Memory Support Neighborhood

Memory support facilities offer a distinct form of long-term, continuous care specifically designed for individuals with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other types of memory issues. Friends Village offers attentive memory support to residents from specially trained staff members who understand the challenges of memory impairment within our health facility. Our extensively trained team is committed to caring for our Memory Care residents as though they are family in a safe and nurturing environment. short and long-term care, depending on your current health needs. At Friends Village at Woodstown you’ll have every health support option easily available to you, not to mention nutritious and tasty meals. Enjoy the relaxing and fun amenities we offer, from manicures and dances to social events and educational programming.

Benefits of our Memory Support Neighborhood

Private And Shared Suites
Private suites offer intimate, homelike interiors that provide residents with a comfortable space to create a familiar environment that’s all their own. We also offer shared suites with semiprivate rooms for residents who prefer fellowship with another person. Roommate situations often reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness that some residents experience.
Personalized Care Plans
We personalize our care to create customized plans based on the resident’s cognitive abilities, behavior, personality, and preferences. Personalized care plans are designed to accommodate residents with varying degrees of memory loss and tailored to their individual abilities and changing needs to help them maintain their independence for as long as possible.
Specially Trained Staff
Our experienced, compassionate staff have ongoing training in memory care, giving them relevant insight and enabling them to provide appropriate, daily care to all residents. Our team is dedicated to helping seniors get the most out of every moment by protecting their personal dignity and motivating them to engage in activities that inspire them. We understand the changing needs of our Memory Care residents as their conditions evolve and ensure that each resident receives the highest quality of care and individualized attention they deserve.
Chef-Prepared Meals
Residents with memory difficulties often forget to eat, which can impact their overall health. We establish a routine and provide three chef-prepared meals each day using fresh seasonal, local ingredients that are delicious, nutritious, and tailored to each residents’ taste and diet.
Personalized Dining Services
Our dining services are supported by a registered dietitian who ensures that each resident’s nutritional needs are met with personalized plans. For instance, some residents do better with several smaller meals rather than three large meals per day, or they may have specific dietary requirements that are carefully followed. Our experienced staff can escort residents to meals or help with feeding if needed.
Licensed 24-Hour Care
We offer 24-hour licensed care to individuals with moderate to severe dementia, or other cognitive impairments, to ensure they receive special, round-the-clock care. We provide 24-hour nursing as well as assistance with the activities of daily living, which may include bathing, dressing, eating, toileting, transferring, and walking.
Medication Administration
Managing daily medications can be especially challenging for residents with cognitive difficulties. We make it a priority that they stay on track with complete medication monitoring, management, and administration by caring staff members.
Therapy Services
Our licensed staff provides one-on-one physical and occupational therapy as well as advice on memory aids and coping strategies. Our occupational and physical therapists evaluate residents to determine areas that need special attention based on their strengths and impairments, helping them retain existing functions and prolonging independence for as long as possible. We may incorporate routine exercise to help residents improve functional mobility by restoring strength, range of motion, and endurance while finding new ways to compensate and adapt to weaker functions.
We also employ licensed speech and language therapists to assists residents with communication skills. Working with a speech therapist can minimize memory issues by keeping language skills sharp, giving your loved ones better control over their speech and reasoning abilities. Therapists may also establish memory aids and other strategies to use when residents have difficulties understanding and/or using words.
Music and Memory Program
Friends Village is a certified Music & Memory community, which allows residents to reconnect with memories through the power of music. Residents can listen to a wide range of music genres, personalized to them, to renew connections in their lives. Musical favorites often tap memories not lost to dementia, which can literally bring participants back to life. Participants often converse more, become more social and engaged in the present, and feel more like themselves again.
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