Woodstown, NJ, Occupational Therapy

Woodstown, NJ, Occupational Therapy

If you’re a senior who has had an injury that has left you unable to perform specific daily tasks or who has a physical, cognitive or sensory disability, you can get the help you need at Friends Village at Woodstown. Our occupational therapists work with you until you can take part in daily activities like walking, eating, cooking, and driving or taking part in your favorite hobbies or games. Our qualified occupational therapists intervene with meaningful activities like games, self-care, and socialization in a loving, caring, and encouraging environment, and their primary focus is to help you enjoy a better quality of living.

woman therapist helping a senior man use equipment for hand exercises

Using Occupational Therapy

At Friends Village, we offer one-on-one occupational therapy sessions to ensure you get the attention you need while going through a rehabilitation program. Through occupational therapy, you can take part in strength and cardiovascular training to help you feel healthy and make it easier to enjoy a quality way of life. Occupational therapy also includes learning how to perform daily activities like bathing, toileting, feeding, hygiene, and additional self-care. Our occupational therapists may also assist with preparing nutritious meals, additional household tasks, and money management. Occupational therapy takes place in a therapeutic environment that has the same look and feel like the home environment, including a full kitchen, bathroom, and laundry facility. 

Emotional Well-Being

Occupational therapists work with individuals to help boost low self-esteem and ensure seniors are happy and thriving while in our community. Participation in an occupational program can boost one’s mood, increase self-confidence, and ease symptoms of anxiety and depression. For emotional well-being, occupational therapy involves group sessions that focus on sharing stories, conversations, and even participation in games. Other daily tasks that involve physical therapy include evaluating and changing one’s life and community and classes on stress management and recovery. For emotional well-being, seniors may also receive guidance with potential employment, trial evaluations, ongoing job support, and placement. There’s also testing and treatment for a variety of health conditions.

Physical Benefits

As we age, it can be harder to get around due to loss of strength and muscle. Occupational therapy is used to help improve your health, maximize your mobility, and strengthen your body to improve your balance and prevent falls. Other areas where an occupational therapist may help seniors include recommending home modifications to ensure efficiency and make it easier when dealing with functional decline. Because seniors often find themselves alone, occupational therapy keeps seniors active and happy, which makes it easier to get involved in the community, and it can help an individual with Alzheimer’s or dementia to work on their mental health. 

Our qualified occupational therapists may also assist you in using functional aids that include walkers, canes, wheelchairs, and other devices and evaluating how to modify any of these items to meet your needs.

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If you are a senior who is interested in the assisted living community of Friends Village at Woodstown, NJ, our occupational therapy program can help you achieve a better quality of living. Whether you need help recovering after an injury or illness or you have a mental condition that creates confusion, your friends at Friends Village can help you get back on your feet fast. Contact us at 856-769-1500.