Our Mission

Friends Village at Woodstown Mission:

The mission of Friends Village is to provide comprehensive services for seniors based on the Quaker Principles that promote independence with choice, respect, and security.

Friends Village at Woodstown Vision:

Friends Village strives to meet or exceed customer needs and expectations through compassionate care, innovation and continuous improvements at all times.

Friends Village at Woodstown Values:

Our guiding focus is the experience that we are all connected, and that the joys and challenges of living are shared by us all.

Quaker Guiding Principles at Friends Village at Woodstown.

Friends Village is guided in its philosophy and practices by the principles of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), particularly the basic tenet that the spirit of God resides in each of us. Respect for the sanctity of every life is inherent in that belief. The acknowledgement of that sanctity affects the quality of care and services provided for residents, relationships among residents, employees, and Board members, our business practices, and our endeavor to interact with others in an equal, fair, respectful, and loving manner. In addition, Friends Village at Woodstown is guided by the principle of continuing revelation and the practice of making decisions by consensus under the guidance of the Spirit.
Friends Village at Woodstown has also embraced as Guiding Principles the Quaker testimonies, which have evolved as ideals based on the belief in the presence of God in our lives. They are equality, integrity, stewardship, simplicity, peace and non-violence, and community.