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Winter Safety at Friends Village at Woodstown

People struggle every winter with slippery sidewalks, cold temperatures, isolation, and seasonal sickness – especially in our area. However, the cold months are especially challenging for seniors, who might not have the proper assistance to avoid winter-related accidents or lack companionship through storms. Plus, with so many seasonal illnesses floating around, it’s imperative that seniors protect themselves at every turn. That’s why Friends Village at Woodstown takes extra measures to keep our residents from Southern New Jersey and Newcastle County, Delaware, safe all winter long. Here, we explain how we ensure winter safety for seniors.


Avoiding Falls

One of the most common dangers to seniors is a fall. Winter is known for slushy walkways, unexpected ice, and stiffening joints that make falling a real hazard. At Friends Village at Woodstown, avoiding the risk is easy. With amenities located inside their building, residents don’t have to go outdoors, and they can safely enjoy all of the following in one convenient location:

· Eating a meal in the fine dining room

· Getting a haircut at the on-site hair salon

· Participating in arts, crafts, games, or other planned activities

· Benefitting from physical, occupational, or speech therapy

· Staying fit through exercise classes

Of course, there are times when residents want to enjoy the outdoors. That’s why we take extra steps to lessen their risk when going outside – especially during the winter. Our groundskeepers work diligently to keep steps and walkways well-shoveled and salted, allowing seniors to keep their footing as they walk and enjoy the winter weather.


Keeping Warm

A senior’s body temperature can drop dangerously quickly, and this can occur without warning and often have serious health effects. The risk can be frightening for seniors living alone, but residents of Friends Village at Woodstown enjoy the benefits of constant attention and care. Our staff regularly checks in on community members, ensuring that they stay warm and comfortable.


Avoiding Seasonal Sicknesses

With colder weather comes a greater risk of illness. People of all ages – especially seniors – are at risk to get sick in the winter with a cold, flu, or cough. Not only are seniors more likely to get sick, but even mild illnesses often affect them more severely. That’s why a qualified health service is especially important during the winter.

Friends Village at Woodstown is home to the Hancock Health Center, a qualified health service that provides round-the-clock care to residents. When seniors get sick, they have unrestricted access to physicians, pharmacy services, therapists, and more – allowing them to recuperate under the highest level of care. It also offers specialty care for patients with higher levels of need, both during the winter and in all other seasons.


Living in Community

If you’re worried about your loved one’s wellbeing during winter, consider the benefits of assisted living. Friends Village at Woodstown is a continuing care retirement community that caters to families in Southern NJ and Newcastle County, DE. We enrich our residents’ lives with neighbors, activities, and beautiful spaces to enjoy – both indoors and out – while keeping them safe, comfortable, and in good health. For more information about winter safety for seniors or life in our community, contact us today.

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